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Business, science and culture are the basis for the success of Halle (Saale), the birthplace of Handel and Germany’s greenest major city.

  • Top location, top connections
  • A highly skilled workforce
  • An international research location
  • A green major city with a great quality of life

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"Technology is well-received in Halle."

Prof. Ralf B. Wehrspohn, Director of Fraunhofer IMWS

In Halle (Saale) both start-up companies and investors have access to outstanding research and development partners and benefit from a high capacity, multilayered network of contacts.

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"Halle is honest and open!"

Graduate engineer Daniel Gollmann, CEO of Gollmann Kommissioniersysteme GmbH

The benefits of this industrial location for new companies are not only immediately available plots with a fully developed infrastructure, but also highly trained specialist personnel and decisive wage cost advantages.

Meet the visionaries

"We supply the world from the heart of Germany"

Business Informatics graduate Ulf Bellersheim, Local Manager Radial (formerly eBay Enterprise)

Thanks to well-developed infrastructure, excellent transport links and closeness to Leipzig/Halle international airport with a night flight permit for freight, Halle (Saale) offers top facilities for the logistics business.

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"Dell Halle is the backbone of Dell Germany."

Sanyai Tyagi, Executive Director & General Manager Dell Germany GmbH

Halle (Saale) is a top location for the media and creativity in central Germany. Nearly 1000 companies in the media and cultural industries generate an annual turnover of more than €250 million, an amount which is growing all the time. 260 of these companies belong to the sub-sectors of information technology and new media.

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  • Cooperative support

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Halle (Saale) provides an all-round consultancy service for investors and companies. Competent, individual, targeted and fast – thanks to short distances and close cooperation with all partners and the municipal authorities. Within the framework of the European Service Guidelines cooperation with the municipality is fast and uncomplicated.

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